Seneca College Assignments and Blackboard Backup (2013)

This page is NOT affiliated with Seneca@York, it is only for my convenience. If, for any reason, you are on this page you are here on your own, and it is totally up to you to decide what to do. This is not an official page, not a supported page, and in all likelihood a flawed page. On occasion I point students here with the hope that there is some tiny bit of useful info for them. For example, if they need to find an assignment I may have it here. If they need to find backups to materials that are posted in class, they may be here.

PWR381 students

TCN705: Tech Comm

TCN811: Single source course

FrameMaker course

  • FrameMaker assignment, final, semester 2
    This assignment is due by the end of the day and does NOT need the actual software. However, access to FrameMaker is beneficial. It is recommended that you carefully review the questions and, when possible, eliminate answers you know to be wrong. You may print a copy of this and do it at your leisure. However, by the end of day means just that. If the assignment is NOT handed in before the day then you will have your mark recorded as 0/40.

In the incredibly unlikely event of a system meltdown and all school materials vanishing this page will provide the TCN students some solace. Here I'll have backups of some information from the courses. Use the links to navigate to the information that you need. Note that it won't all be active all the time though.