Looking for a speaker who gets consistently excellent scores at conferences, has a range of topics that you can choose from, and won't cost you a fortune? If so, then thanks for landing on this page.

Presentation Topics

I present on a wide range of topics, so odds are there is something that appeals to your specific needs. With over 15 years of experience in technical communications and training, you can pick and choose from any of the following topics, or you can suggest your own.

  • Choosing a CMS Vendor That Is Right For You
  • Choosing a Translation Vendor That Is Right For You
  • DITA: An Introduction
  • DITA: Case Study
  • DITA: Tools and Technologies
  • DITA: Content Development with FrameMaker
  • DITA: Content Development with XMetaL
  • FrameMaker Template Tips and Tricks
  • Migrating to Structure (with or without XML)
  • Team Building in Tough Times
  • Vision of the Future: Publishing Past, Present, and Beyond

Scott Abel

The Content Wrangler

Bernard is often ranked as one of the best speakers at our industry conferences. His wonderful sense of humor combined with his sparkling personality, make him a popular presenter and a welcome addition to any technical publications, XML, or content management event. Bernard is also an accomplished consultant, author of technical books and papers, and much more.

John Posada

President/Program Chair

New York STC Community

As President and Programs Chairperson of the NY chapter of STC, I brought Bernard in to speak to the chapter and to demonstrate some advanced authoring tools appropriate for the group. His presentation was professional, timely, informative, and realistic, He presented productivity tips and tricks that the vendor never showed us and was honest about the software's capabilities and limitations. He is also author of a book on one of my main applications (XMetal) to which I refer almost daily. I would recommend Bernard both as a speaker and a consultant..

Don White

Conference Director

James River STC Community

Bernard spoke at both of our regional technical communication conferences, in 2004 and 2005. He is a wonderful person and professional with whom I was honored to work. He knows his stuff and, what's equally important, he knows how to present it to anyone or any group. He instinctively understands and gains the empathy of his audience, regardless of their comparative technical backgrounds and levels of experience.