XDocs CMS for Authors

Course-at-a-glance: This three–day course is developed for people who need to produce content using Bluestream XDocs and either FrameMaker or XMetaL Author. Learn about writing content in a fully structured and easy–to–use CMS based environment optimized for producing valid XML and production of multiple outputs for print and online delivery. Acquire hands–on experience in importing, modifying, creating and publishing content, including concept, task, and reference topics, DITA maps and relationship tables.

Prerequisite: You must have a solid working familiarity with your operating system.

Objectives: Upon successful completion attendees will be able to:

  • Load existing XML files or graphics into the CMS

  • Check in and check out files

  • Find files using various search criteria

  • Preview files within XDocs

  • Create and manage publish profiles

  • Manage multiple versions of documents to review file history, including creation and modification history

  • Create valid DITA concept, task, and reference topics as stand–alone units of information

  • Build DITA maps to organize and link topics to develop a navigation system (such as a TOC)

  • Understand commonly–used DITA elements for all topic types

  • Insert, modify and delete content in documents including tables, images and various text based objects

  • Work with cross–references including links to locations such as topics, websites or email

  • Set up conditional text, make content conditional, and publish conditional documents

  • Know when to use the 3 methods of content reuse in DITA: topic reuse, conrefs, and conditional text

  • Publish from XDocs to PDF, HTML and help documents for distribution

  • Troubleshoot validation and publishing problems

Further Learning: Topic based writing

Delivery: The following delivery is available:

  • Instructor–led, group–paced, online–delivery learning model with structured hands–on activities and assignments

  • Customized classroom training at your location

Fees: Course pricing is as follows:

  • Instructor–led, online–delivery: $1495/participant (group rates available)

  • Customized classroom training at your location: $1995/day for up to 8 participants