Technical Writing

The right information, to the right audience, in the right format, at the right time.

  • The right information is about the use of single sourcing techniques to write what you need to deliver, and we write it clearly.

  • The right audience means we work with you to understand who reads your materials, and we write appropriately.

  • The right format means we can create PDF for print or online delivery, We can work with you to build online content for a website. We can create help files, work with a CMS, and use tools like Word, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Photoshop, Illustrator, Captivate, and other industry leading software correctly.

  • The right time is when the content is truly needed as clearly written tasks to explain how to perform required actions, conceptual information to explain ideas and illustrate processes, and reference materials that detail the technical specifications your reader needs to know.

We are writing experts. If you need content written clearly and concisely, we can help. From interviewing SMEs and planning requirements to editing and publishing the final product in the formats needed, we can meet your writing needs professionally and on time.


We work with you to determine what type of content you need, the needs of your users, the scope of the project, and important milestones. What kind of graphics will you need? How often will your content change? Do you need conditional text or variables so you can single source content across multiple deliverables? Time spent planning saves work later on.


To get the content right, we interview the subject matter experts to get a better idea of how the content should be written, what formats are most effective, what types of topics will be most useful, and which areas need more depth.

Learning the product

First-hand knowledge of the product is a vital component for writing useful material. Whenever possible, we like to use the product as the user would, under the same conditions and with the same constraints and benefits they would have.

Writing the content

We write topic-based material, using a minimalistic approach that helps simplify and clarify even the most complex subject matters. If you have a style guide, we can also adapt our writing to match your style.


We edit our content three times: 1. Copy edit, to catch spelling and grammatical errors; 2. Content edit, to ensure the needs of the users are met, the topics are appropriate and in the correct order, and they cover the product’s functionality; 3. Style edit, to check for internal consistency, flow, clarity, and conciseness.


Whether you need PDFs, compiled help, HTML, or anything in between, we can publish to the format you want. We can match fonts, look and feel, and design to your existing content or we can help you establish a new look.


We can test the published material to make sure it adheres to standards, is correct and complete, and most importantly, is useful to your users.

Next steps

Email or call today for more information on the range of services, specific pricing models, or for more details.

Documentation types

If you don't see what you need in this partial list of documents we create, contact us to discuss your needs:

  • Online and print materials

  • HTML (web) materials

  • Help materials

  • User guides

  • Installation guides

  • Administrator guides

  • Student and instructor guides

  • Professional books

  • Command line interface guides

  • others, as requested