Our Clients

A partial list of clients our consultants work with includes the following. You can also read what some of our clients say here:

The following is some of what we have done with our clients.

Bally Gaming + Systems

Template Design, Conversion

While Bally’s slot machines are designed for entertainment, the advanced technology behind them requires technical expertise for installation, use, and maintenance.

Bally creates and distributes hundreds of user and technical guides. In keeping with the company’s commitment to innovation, Bally wields the most advanced publishing solution available.

The company had 4,000 pages of legacy documents, primarily in Microsoft Word but also in other formats like PageMaker. Given the wide variety of legacy materials, Bally Gaming found it difficult to update documents with speed and consistency.

We converted legacy documents to FrameMaker by enhancing FrameMaker through the use of FrameScript. This allowed us to automated the conversion process. In the future, Bally plans to automate the process by filling templates with XML data from a database.

Bennett Jones LLP

Conversion, PDF Development

The Alberta Court of Appeal had ordered an appeal book in electronic format since the trial had been three years long--creating 300 transcripts, 2,000 exhibits, numerous pleadings and several facta. The size of the file prohibited easy reference to documents and the magnitude prohibited transport – 100 binders of exhibits, 300 binders of transcripts and so on.

We worked day and night to meet the first deadline. Our experts in Adobe Acrobat were able to easily visualize what Bennett Jones wanted and were able to determine quickly whether what they wanted was possible. Even pushing the boundaries of the software the finished result was a professional appeal document delivered on time and within a realistic budget.

Leitch Technologies

Template Design, Online Help Development

Leitch delivers a full suite of audio-video hardware and creates hundreds of pages of documentation for inclusion as both print and help materials. This documentation is managed through a set of WebWorks Publisher and Adobe FrameMaker templates developed by Publishing Smarter.

We ensured that the templates allowed for links to related PDF documentation for print purposes and are easy to use. Files had to be easy to manage and simple to use. The final result was a document set that left writers feeling positive about the future of the documentation they create.

T2 Systems

CMS Implementation, Legacy Conversion, Training

T2 Systems is a privately-owned software company that provides technology solutions for the parking industry. As technical writers, Amy and I are responsible for all of the user documentation we deliver with each of our software and hardware solutions.

T2 had to convert a large amount of legacy Word content to DITA using FrameMaker. They also had to implement a CMS to manage all of this new XML content. We provided onsite training, helped to customize their application to meet style and use requirements, demonstrated the conversion process, loaded new content into the CMS, and configured publishing profiles in FrameMaker.

We also provided ongoing, customized training and support for their workflow, tools, and authoring needs.

In a few weeks, we finished converting almost all legacy Word materials to DITA and helped the writers feel well-acclimated to the new environment. T2 can now author in structured Frame, perform basic CMS administration, and publish content in multiple formats.

MDS Sciex

Template Design, XML Development, Conversion

MDS Sciex documentation staff develops detailed product operations and maintenance manuals. These are created using an automated publishing workflow.

User and maintenance manuals containing up to 600 pages, are complex, visually detailed materials that require a team of dedicated writers to work closely with technical experts throughout the company. Documentation drafts are typically routed on paper to five to eight technical specialists for review, with edits returned to document authors.

MDS Sciex can now create product documents faster and more reliably than ever. Writing staff can quickly produce entire chapters and accomplish processes in days that could have taken weeks. In addition, the company anticipates its single-source publishing processes will shorten review cycles by as much as 60 percent because reviewers now have less new content to approve.

Harvard Business Review

Template Design, XML Development

HBR takes original manuscripts, converts them to XML and processes this to create derivatives. Products are distributed as PDFs, to the web, to Lexus/Nexus, compiled into new print products, and more. All this, and it's stored in a database for ongoing retrieval and reuse.

By automating the entire process, HBR can now focus on the quality of their editorial product.

We met with HBR numerous times and provided services related to both the FrameMaker template and development of XML files. Over the span of several weeks we managed to build a robust set of files. These files can be used to dynamically build up to 96 different iterations of output files in minutes.

Russell Investments

Template Design, XML Development

Russell is a global investment services firm offering goal-oriented investors a full range of tailored solutions. A leader in global investment strategy, Russell advises clients on more than US$2.3 trillion in assets and delivers investment programs to more than 2,000 clients in 39 countries.

Using XML and Adobe FrameMaker Server Russell builds custom PDF documents containing dynamically charted information for clients to review.

We developed a complete set of templates, consulted on XML development and added Framescript to ensure a seamless generation of files.