Frame Template Development

Course-at-a-glance: This three–day course is developed for people who need to harness the power of the FrameMaker template to enable writers to do more, in less time. Create templates using Paragraph, Character and Table Designers. Manage complex page layouts with custom, automated master pages and develop reference pages. Add components such as conditional text, variables, cross–references, generated files and more to create sophisticated templates.

Prerequisite: You must have a solid working familiarity with Adobe FrameMaker as an author.

Objectives: Upon successful completion attendees will be able to:

  • Create and manage templates

  • Add, modify, or delete tags using the Paragraph, Character and Table Designers

  • Build number systems for heading, lists, tables, figures and more

  • Develop master pages with automated layout based on formats used in a document

  • Insert and modify running headers and footers

  • Work with a variety of reference pages to configure the appearance of content in standard template files and generated materials (TOC, Index and more)

  • Create conditional content to manage multiple file versions from a single document

  • Develop cross–references for use within documents or between files

  • Manage color definitions

Further Learning: Developing for structure using EDD's.

Delivery: The following delivery is available:

  • Instructor–led, group–paced, online–delivery learning model with structured hands–on activities and assignments

  • Customized classroom training at your location

Fees: Course pricing is as follows:

  • Instructor–led, online–delivery: $1495/participant (group rates available)

  • Customized classroom training at your location: $1995/day for up to 8 participants plus travel expenses