Frame DITA Development

Course-at-a-glance: This five–day course is developed for people who need to create and manage templates and the Element Definition Document (EDD) for use with DITA based content. The course includes the topics from the FrameMaker Template Development and the FrameMaker EDD Development courses. There is a specific focus on the DITA aspects of the development.

Prerequisite: You must have a solid working familiarity with Adobe FrameMaker as a structured author and template developer.

Objectives: Upon successful completion attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the Element Definition Document (EDD) and its relation to structure and FrameMaker

  • Identify the differences between the FrameMaker EDD and the DITA DTD or Schema

  • Develop, modify, and delete elements from an EDD

  • Build a relationship between a variety of elements and custom templates

  • Specify element frequency as required, optional or repeatable

  • Specify element order

  • Develop, modify and delete attributes from an EDD

  • Specify attribute values

  • Apply formatting using predefined document formats based on elements, attributes and values

  • Format content using EDD settings, template content and Format Change Lists

  • Develop structural rules related to books, generated files, chapters, appendices

Delivery: The following delivery is available:

  • Instructor–led, group–paced, online–delivery learning model with structured hands–on activities and assignments

  • Customized classroom training at your location

Fees: Course pricing is as follows:

  • Instructor–led, online–delivery: $2995/participant (group rates available)

  • Customized classroom training at your location: $1995/day for up to 8 participants plus travel expenses