Adobe RoboHelp

Course-at-a-glance: This three–day course is developed for people who need to work with RoboHelp to develop and customize content based on existing templates. Learn about its WYSIWYG authoring using a familiar word processing, style–tagging approach. Acquire hands–on experience with publishing including the use of templates and the creation and management of HTML5 and help content.

Prerequisite: You must have a solid working familiarity with your operating system.

Objectives: Upon successful completion attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the RoboHelp model and its word processing and publishing features

  • Create and work with Projects from content creation to generation of PDF, Responsive HTML5, and other standard delivery formats

  • Edit and format content using styles to control the appearance of output

  • Create tables of contents, indexes, and glossaries

  • Plan, create, and publish help projects

  • Insert, modify and delete content in table heading, cells, headers and footers and merge cells

  • Work with graphics imported into a project

  • Insert, modify and delete cross–references and variables within documents and between files

  • Work with snippets, variables, and conditional content to reuse content between files

  • Generate output and review HTML5, PDF, and other delivery formats

Delivery: The following delivery is available:

  • Instructor–led, group–paced, online–delivery learning model with structured hands–on activities and assignments

  • Customized classroom training at your location

Fees: Course pricing is as follows:

  • Instructor–led, online–delivery: $1495/participant (group rates available)

  • Customized classroom training at your location: $1995/day for up to 8 participants plus travel expenses