Technical Support Services

We provide technical support to clients in several ways including online support via phone and web-based screen sharing. By working with you we can provide targeted support to meet your specific needs.


Tired of needing deep corporate pockets to pay for professional support? Looking to avoid a faceless drone at a major corporation and waiting for them to transfer you to someone else? If so, consider our managed technical support services.

We provide affordable, planned support. We work with you to resolve problems, but also to provide answers before small issues become big problems. Best practices are shared, risks are managed, and projects run smoother. This is done online, using teleconferencing and screen sharing tools. It is provided at reasonable rates, using a simple process.

Getting started

We offer several support plans, ranging from 3 months to 1 year. Services are billed hourly, with minimum requirements imposed. Please contact us for details on our available support plans and rates.

We are flexible. Depending on your needs we can provide hourly support for a short term project, or regular and ongoing support on an ongoing as-needed basis.

Support topics

Topics are far ranging. However, some of the support we've provided to clients includes help with:

  • Learning about third party tools to enhance your current applications

  • Supporting a content management system (such as teaching them how to configure knowledge base locations, portal maintenance and integration, automate publishing streams, etc.)

  • Providing guidance on developing templates in tools like Adobe FrameMaker, JustSystems XMetaL, or Microsoft Word

  • Configuring the DITA Open Toolkit to create custom output

  • Writing scripts and macros to improve productivity and reduce manual and time-intense processes

  • Reviewing legacy content with recommendations on minimalist writing techniques

  • OR any other topics we mutually agree to cover as part of an ongoing support system


Support is delivered in many ways. This can include:

  • Web-based interaction to share your screen or ours to solve problems

  • Email-based technical support to troubleshoot problems

  • Telephone-based support on projects, or for meetings and troubleshooting

  • Custom made videos to demonstrate a complex process (and you can review it as often as needed)

  • Supporting documents on specific tasks that need to be performed by your team

In essence, we provide you with a support desk for dealing with your content creation, management, and distribution.

We work with you in advance to help. If you find you don't use your support in a given month, we automatically provide best practices documentation, additional tutorials for your team based on your specific work environment, or other work to provide value. There's never a loss just because your schedule is full.

Next steps

Email or call today for more information on the range of services, specific pricing models, or for more details.


"[Publishing Smarter] has provided support for our workflow, tools, and authoring needs. Moving from an unstructured authoring environment to managing DITA content in a CMS is a huge undertaking. Without Bernard's expertise, we would still be struggling up the steepest part of the learning curve. Instead, we have converted almost all of our legacy materials to DITA. We author in structured Frame, perform basic CMS administration, and publish content in multiple formats."

Kelsey Lambert and Amy Metzger, Technical Writers, T2 Systems