Content Management

Content management systems are the best way to store, retrieve, search, publish, and archive your content. If you have implemented DITA or any other topic-based writing, you may have difficulties finding your topics in a traditional file structure. Want to concentrate on re-use and single sourcing? Or have complex translation workflow that you need to enforce? A content management system is the way to go.

CMS Selection

We help you identify your requirements and build up a profile of what you need and want, and then we find just the right CMS for you and your budget. A CMS can range from free and open-source to $100K+; we’ll let you know the CMSs that will give you what you need for the price you can afford. Need to customize? We know the vendors and can get you what you want.

Information Architecture

We can help you decide which standard to follow, how to specialize your schema, and which elements and attributes to use and how to use them. We also help you develop processes for translation, review, and publishing with your CMS. Information architecture is your end-to-end plan that lays out where you need to go and how you’re going to get there.

CMS Implementation

Once you have selected your CMS, we can install it, customize it, load your legacy content, and get everything running the way you want. We train your writers, editors, and translators on how to use the CMS and we train your trainers on how to keep the users working effectively, ensure 100% adoption, and make that learning curve manageable.

CMS Management and Support

We can provide ongoing management and support for your CMS. Want to upgrade DITA versions? Add workflows or version control? Enhance and improve? We can manage your CMS, troubleshoot your problems, and leave you to do what you do best: write.


"Moving from an unstructured authoring environment to managing DITA content in a CMS is a huge undertaking even for those who already understand the technologies and tools. Without Bernard's expertise, we would still be struggling up the steepest part of the learning curve. Instead, we have now finished converting almost all of our legacy Word materials to DITA and are well-acclimated to our new environment. We are able to author in structured Frame, perform basic CMS administration, and publish content in multiple formats.."

Kelsey Lambert and Amy Metzger, Writers, T2 Systems