STC Tagline Competition

Welcome to the STC tagline competition. We're hoping you can help us define a memorable phrase for the STC on it's 60th Anniversary. To that end, please participate in the following survey.

Famous, but brief

The most memorable slogans are the simplest.

Famous lines are often brief and to the point.

  • Happy Birthday, Mr. President
  • I am not a crook
  • Bond, James Bond
  • Rosebud

Just a few words of an address...

  • 221B Baker Street
  • 1 Infinite Loop
  • Platform 9¾ at King's Cross station in London
  • 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Always Coca-Cola
  • A Diamond Is Forever
  • it's So Easy A Caveman Can Do It
  • 99 44/100% Pure

So what is the STC tagline? Do we have a slogan?

If you fancy yourself to be crafty with words, clever with the turn of a phrase, or just versed in keeping the message to under 140 characters then we have a contest for you. Until September 10th we're asking people to submit to a tagline competition. Submit your entry here. The STC staff will pick the top 10 taglines and put them to a member vote with prizes for the top three finalists. Only one will win the tagline challenge, but everyone is invited to participate.