STC Canada West Coast: Minimalist Writing Workshop 2011 (Vancouver)

To register: Email Jacquie Samuels for registration information. Payment by cheque, PayPal, or charge card is accepted.

The location for this event is BCIT (555 Seymore St, Room 820), in the heart of Vancouver, and easily accessible by public transit.

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This one–day workshop is developed for people who need to reduce the volume and complexity of content. Learn best practices to help reduce the cost to develop, produce, translate, and maintain materials. Cut time and effort needed to work with content and improve documentation quality. Learn why good design reduces the need for detailed docs and learn to work with developers to set and meet shared goals.

Prerequisite: You must have a solid working familiarity with your operating system.

Objectives: Upon successful completion attendees will be able to:

  • Apply what is learned to your documents (and please, bring them along to discuss in class)
    • Identify the core audience that consumes your content and write accordingly
  • Create clear, self-contained tasks so users can "scan and go" if they wish
  • Support tasks with logical related topics
  • Provide readers with realistic projects that can be accomplished simply
  • Understand when and where to use images, tables, text, lists, and other organization objects
  • Identify key issues to consider when implementing any minimalist idea and converting legacy content

Event Detail Summary

Event: Minimalist Writing Workshop

Date: July 13

Time: 8:30am to 4:30pm

Location: BCIT Downtown Campus

555 Seymour Street, Vancouver

V6B 3H6, British Columbia, Canada

Room 820

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Fees: Includes 1 day session, materials, a light breakfast, and snacks at morning and afternoon breaks. A networking lunch is also provided, as well as participation in a post-event social:

  • STC Members: $149
  • Non-members: $249

Register by email.

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