STC Community

Welcome to the Publishing Smarter STC Pages

Publishing Smarter has been involved with the STC for many years. We've presented to chapters across Canada, the US, and even into parts of Europe. Bernard is a past president of the Toronto STC community, and is actively working to help it and other STC communities. To that end, we offer various services to the STC, including webinars, workshops, and meeting topics.

STC Fundraisers

We provide STC communities a full set of webinars, seminars, and hands-on workshops on technology and best practices. By holding events in partnership with your community we provide everything you need for a formal Education Day or for a casual web-based session that can help support your community and membership.

As an added bonus, we help ensure financial stability by providing you a way to make revenue. In many cases we even bring door prizes or some other type of sponsorship. Learn more.

STC Speaker

For meetings and conferences, we provide speakers on a wide range of topics. Over the past 15 years we've presented at events across North America and in Europe. We are dynamic, interesting, and adaptable to your needs.

If your STC community is holding a regional event, looking to hold a meeting (in person, or online), or planning to put on a conference, we can provide top rated speakers. Learn more.